Best Kitty Litter Box

If you have cats, you know how finicky they can be. Rather than accept anything and everything (as a dog might do), they want the cream of the crop, the "best of the best".

So then, what is the best kitty litter box?

Well, Kitty Poo Club, of course! Our litter box was designed with your cat’s comfort in mind. It has an easy lip for your kitty to step over, with high walls to keep the litter in.

What is Kitty Poo Club?

Kitty Poo Club is a subscription service, where you get a new cat litter box each month, including a bag of your choice of premium cat litter. Simply remove the poo each day and follow the maintenance instructions for your litter choice.

You’ll find that our litter box is the best litter box. It’s eco-friendly and leakproof, so you get the best of both worlds! Made from recycled cardboard, it includes technology that coats the plastic directly onto the cardboard, so everything stays in the box.

Having a disposable box means you don’t have to worry about the frustrations of scrubbing your litter box regularly to keep it clean and germ-free. Instead, just throw away the litter and recycle the box every month when your new box arrives - then you’re ready to go!

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

Most cats prefer open litter boxes, since your darling feline wants to be able to see any possible threats that could be approaching. (A closed and contained litter box prevents this.) Most cats love the open design of Kitty Poo Club’s litter boxes.

Our litter helps contain the smell, and come with a feline-friendly design. Once a month, you’ll get a fresh, new litter box. (Just make sure to order one for each cat.)

Think About It

We have the best litter box around! Our box design will let your kitty climb in and out without tracking litter all over the house, and our litter will help keep odors at bay every day. We have thousands of members who rave about how readily their kitties took to using the box and litter.

Why not let yours be our next success story?