Cat Litter Box Service

If you are tired of replacing your cat’s litter, cleaning the litter box and bringing home heavy containers of litter, you might be ready to try our cat litter box service. At Kitty Poo Club, we provide you with a fresh litter box every month, filled with the best kitty litter available. Our service is easy, convenient, and affordable.

What is A Cat Litter Box Service?

Our service provides you with new litter and a disposable box that is guaranteed to last the entire month. We send you a new eco-friendly designer box to hold our special cat litter. All you need to do is open and set up the box and throw away the old box one time each month. The cost is less than you pay for other types of litter that are not as effective. We ship your subscription free each month, so there are no added fees.

Advantages to Cat Litter Box Service

There are many advantages to choosing Kitty Poo Club. You won’t need to worry about going to the store and lugging home heavy containers of litter every week. It is easy and fast to take care of your cat’s litter box. You get a new box each month, so you don’t need to spend any time cleaning. Instead, all you need to do is stir the litter each day and remove any stools. It is effortless and you won’t need to get your hands dirty. It is the most accessible and most affordable way to care for your pet.

What Type of Litter Do You use?

We make our litter with 100% natural, odor-destroying silica mineral. The many silica gel beads have thousands of micro-pores that absorb any odors that remain once your cat uses the litter box. The unique size and shape of the gel beads promote a dry litter box. Water makes up about 95% of urine. The water portion evaporates into the air, while the silica beads absorb the rest. The silica gel beads are non-toxic and safe for your pets and your home. The litter is free of dust, and the shape reduces tracking. The litter doesn’t clump, and you don’t need to scoop it.

About Kitty Poo Club

Kitty Poo Club provides you with a clean litter box and litter every month. We make our boxes with heavy-duty cardboard that is water-proof. All you need to do is set up the box for your cat and dispose of the old one. Our exclusive club is ideal for busy people and those who want an affordable and easy way to care for their felines. You will receive a new box each month. Our containers are roomy, and we print them with designs to match the seasons. The boxes are beautiful and functional. We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee so you will be sure that you and your pet love the products and the service. Contact us today to subscribe to our excellent cat litter box service today.