Cat Subscription Box

Our pets are vital parts of our lives. For some, pets are considered "fur babies," akin to children. They are family members to us, bringing joy to our lives for the duration of their time with us. Taking care of them is essential to us, and we want to make sure that they always have the best.

Going to the pet store is becoming obsolete.

Going to the pet store can be a bit of a trying time. A given pet store may not carry a specific brand that you are looking for or may have higher than average prices on all of their items that keeps you from visiting as often as you may like.

But with the advancement of technology, subscription services have become a highly popular endeavor. There are subscription services for nearly everything, like cooking meals, clothing options, memorabilia and trinkets from your favorite show, and so much more. Think of something you enjoy, and there is more than likely a subscription service available for it.

Can I order pet supplies online?

The same goes for our pets. There are subscription services available that will send you all the essentials you need for your pets as well as deals on toys, clothing, accessories, and so much more. Being able to select precisely what you want and have it delivered to your door is the ultimate convenience.

If it can be believed, there are even subscription services available for litter boxes, the disgusting aspect of owning a cat. We all know the story: having to clean up the leavings of your cat, dust from the litter box getting into your lungs, making you cough as you hold your nose throughout the process. Surely, there has to be a better way.

There is one subscription service in particular that can help with your litter box needs, making cleanup easier and far more sanitary than it ever has been before.

Is there a subscription for my cat's litter box?

Kitty Poo Club is exactly as it sounds: a subscription service for more effective removal of your cat's droppings. Every 30 days, you get a brand new litter box for each cat in your home that uses the odor-destroying litter. Best of all, it gets disposed of each month, and a new one arrives in its place.

This is great for a litany of reasons. The first is that there is no ammonia smell from the urine, which can be potent with an improper litter. Scooping and cleaning are easier than ever, and your cats won't track clay litter all of your floors, nor will they embed dust in your furniture.

Avoid buying and storing cat litter.

Even better is the fact that you no longer have to haul pounds of cat litter home from the pet store. That can not only be costly, but those bags can be very heavy and messy. Instead, your Kitty Poo Club box comes with its litter that you dispose of at the end of the month.

Kitty Poo Club makes it more convenient than ever to dispose of those smelly, disgusting presents from your cat. Everything should be as easy as Kitty Poo Club.