Disposable Litter Box

You might think that a disposable litter box is too good to be true, but with Kitty Poo Club, that's exactly what you get, along with our unique litter. Kitty Poo Club might seem like a silly name, but it describes our mission. Our subscription system is designed to take the pain out of cleaning up your kitty's pooh, and it will help you get your house back under control again.

Litter boxes smell, it's a commonly known fact. But what if we told you that that didn't have to be the case. Our disposable litter box is designed with you and your cat in mind.

Because it can be thrown out at the end of the month, you don't have to worry about the bacteria that tends to grow in a litter pan. Rather than a pan that gets used every day and needs to be washed out, our pan is completely disposable. Also, the litter is designed so that the water content of the urine evaporates, and the urine smell is trapped within the pores of our mineral litter.

Why choose a disposable litter box over a plastic one?

Plastic litter boxes are a dream residence for bacteria, which adds to the smell of the litter box. Plastic tends to be porous and can trap residues from your cat litter, including urine and stool. Plastic litter pans need to be scrubbed regularly with hot soapy water and bleach to kill germs, but after a while, the plastic absorbs the ammonia scent from the urine.

With a disposable box, you don't have these hassles. You don't have to scrub the box. You throw it away when you're done and open a new one.

How can you get rid of cat odors in your house?

You may have tried a lot of different things to get rid of the smell of your cat's litter box. When you walk in the house, you might be able to smell that your cat has used the litter box, and he may have tracked you clay clumping litter throughout the house.

You may have used odor eliminating sprays, room air fresheners, and even good ol' baking soda mixed into the litter pan. Those are all ways to help disguise the smell, but with Kitty Poo Club, there's an easier way, and it helps eliminate - not mask - the smell. Our litter is designed not to track messes through your house, and the mineral litter absorbs the odors from your cat's eliminations.

If you aren't using our first litter, what are you waiting for? In the meantime, you can help eliminate odors by making sure there's no urine residue outside of the litter box. Get a black light and shine it around the walls and floor near your current litter box, using urine eliminating products to destroy the residue.

Sign up for Kitty Poo Club and get our litter box and cat litter delivered right to your door. Your home and kitty will thank you!