How To Keep Your House From Smelling Like Cats

Most people who own cats have experienced the smell that comes with owning cats from the dreaded litter box.

But what if you could always keep your house from smelling like a litter box? Wouldn’t you like to know how to keep your house from smelling like cats? The answer is Kitty Poo Club.

Our patented litter boxes are disposable, so you don’t have to use the same old plastic one year after year, growing bacteria that contributes to your house’s smell. Our unique litter also helps keep your house smell-free, trapping urine odors in the micro-pores of the mineral litter.

Do Cats Smell?

If you don’t know much about cats, you might wonder if your frisky feline is emitting an odor. After all, doggy breath is a real thing. The good news is that most cats don’t release an odor that you need to worry about, although their food might smell a little.

Their stool and urine are a different story entirely. Bacteria in the stool and ammonia in the urine produces quite the odor, and preventing that smell is the key you learning how to keep your house from smelling like cats.

At Kitty Poo Club, we know the hassle that comes from keeping the litter box clean, so you don’t smell it. With our litter, you can scoop the stool away, and the urine evaporates. Mix up the litter when you scoop out the stool, and voila – a clean, fresh litter box that only takes moments a day.

How Does Kitty Poo Club Work?

Kitty Poo Club is the one-stop litter subscription service. Each month you get a new litter box to set out for your cats, although it is recommended that you have at least one box per cat. The box is disposable but is eco-friendly, made of recycled cardboard.

We will also send you enough litter to last the month, so no more hauling litter from the grocery store or pet store to your car and then into your home. We take the heavy lifting out of everything and ship it directly to your door. You have to open it up and set it out, disposing of it when a new month rolls around and your next litter box arrives.

How Do You Neutralize the Smell of Cat Poop and Urine?

You may have already tried just about everything to get rid of the smell of your cats. When your friends and family come over, it only takes a whiff for them to know you’ve gotten a new cat, right? That can be a thing of the past.

You used to have to dump your litter box regularly and wash out the disgusting pan with hot soapy water and bleach to help kill the smell, but after a while, that stops working as the ammonia penetrates the plastic or rubber. You might’ve even mixed baking soda into your litter to get rid of odors.

With Kitty Poo Club, you don’t have to worry about that. We can help you keep your house from smelling like cats with minimal effort!