Natural Cat Litter

One factor that has undoubtedly contributed to cats being the best pets is their autonomy to meet their needs. Besides, these animals are extremely clean and very careful when doing their needs.

However, for this cleaning feature to remain on your cats, it is essential that you provide ideal conditions. In that sense, the litter box becomes a vital piece for you to enjoy your pet, without the headaches regarding cleaning. There are different types of materials to put in your cat's box, and that's why it's essential that you know them, so you can decide which is the best option.

Which is The Ideal Cat Litter?

Cat litter began to be used with the growth of cities, as there were less free spaces for cats to go out and come back after they had done their needs. In 1947, Edward Lowe revolutionized the world of the litter when he began packing clay grains as a substitute for sawdust for the boxes of his customers' domestic cats. Today, these are the main alternatives:

  • Binder Products: this is a mixture of a traditional sand, and a product called bentonite, which is a binder clay. This compound agglomerates liquid and solid wastes, which makes it easier to remove these wastes. Cats appreciate them since the sandbox is kept cleaner. However, this is a significantly expensive product, and although it minimizes the odor problem, it does not eliminate it. Also, at least once a month, you should sift the sand to eliminate the waste.
  • Sand or Silica Gel: It is a sodium silicate synthetic sand, and it is also known as crystal sand, because of its shape and color. It is one of the most absorbent on the market and, allows you to easily separate the cat excrement from the rest of the sand. It is practically odorless and, eliminating waste daily, can last up to 30 days. This, however, is the most expensive option on the market.
  • Natural Cat Litter: is common sand, and perhaps one of the most economical options. It is easy to acquire and is widely used by pet owners. The main problem with this material is that it does not process ammonium odors from cat urine. Some brands put some deodorant on the product, but cats often reject this type of environment.

However, certain companies have developed technologies to trap ammonium odors without the animal rejecting the product, such as Kitty Poo Club. The waste that causes the odor is trapped by micro-pores, allowing the sand to remain clean and be used satisfactorily throughout the month.

How to Get the Odor Absorbing Natural Cat Litter?

In addition to its revolutionary anti-odor system, and the great acceptance of natural sand by cats, if you join Kitty Poo Club, you won't have to worry. Our extraordinary subscription system will ship the product to your home once a month, and you'll have the peace of mind of having your pets well taken care of, and your home clean.

The product comes in a completely disposable cardboard box, and you discard it once the new box arrives. Contact us, and you'll be amazed how your kitty jumps into the boxes as you open it. Our goal is to provide you and your pet with maximum comfort. We are waiting for you.