Silica Cat Litter

Owning a cat can be a fulfilling experience that is unlike anything else that you experience in life. Cats can provide you with hours of entertainment and endless amounts of unconditional love. While cats can enrich your life in many ways, cleaning up after your cat can be one of the worst things about owning one. Cat litter, no matter how great it is, can be a disgusting mess to clean up. There are many types of litter out there that promise to control the odors of your cat’s litterbox. However, not all types of cat litter are created equal. Some are better than others because they can control the odor better.

Opt for a Different Kind of Cat Litter

Most cat litter creates wet clumps of litter out of the messes that your cat makes. These clumps make it easy to filter out the litter, but the wetness can create odors that linger. No one wants to walk into their own home and smell cat litter. Plus, it is embarrassing for other people to come in your home and smell your cat’s litter. One way to avoid having an odor in your home is to get silica cat litter. Crystalline silica litter for cats is the newest types of cat litter to be released to the public.

It is more absorbent than traditional clay cat litter and can help reduce the smells that come from your litterbox. This type of litter absorbs your cat’s urine in a way that clay litter cannot. The urine is not only absorbed, but it is dried as well. Not much else smells worse than clumps of wet cat litter, but this problem can be avoided with crystalline silica litter for cats.

Absorbent, Drying Cat Litter for your Furry Friends

If you are interested in this drying cat litter, you should get in contact with our team at Kitty Poo Club. We can provide you with silica litter in a box that you can throw away at the end of each month. Kitty Poo Club works by sending you a litterbox full of silica litter for your cat to use all month long. You simply need to remember to stir the litter on occasion and remove the clumps of poo. Each month, we will send you a new box of litter for your cat, and you will be able to throw the old box away. We provide the litter and the box every month so that you do not have to worry about lugging around heavy bags of cat litter.

Reach out Today

At Kitty Poo Club, we can provide you with silica cat litter and a litterbox all for one flat rate that includes shipping. We can help you take care of your cat without having raunchy odors taking over your home. You will not be able to smell your cat litter box if you use silica litter. Reach out to our team today to learn more detailed information about the services that we can provide to you.