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With Kitty Poo Club, not only can you get the best all-in-one litter box solution for your kitty but you can be rewarded in the process! Earn Kitty Koins for sharing Kitty Poo Club and exchange them for real money.

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When you join the Kitty Poo Club, you’ll be automatically rewarded with 200 Kitty Koins just for signing up.

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By following us on social media and sharing us with family and friends, you can earn additional Koins!

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Easily exchange your koins for coupons and apply them to your upcoming subscription orders to earn free boxes!

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Share your own personal referral link with family and friends! When a customer signs up, they get a big 20% off coupon for their entire first order and you’ll get 20,000 kitty koins worth $20! Many of our customers have upwards of a year or more of free litter boxes from this program.

  • They get a 20% off coupon!
  • You get 20,000 koins for every referral!

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