Working to Protect Our Planet

Kitty Poo Club put sustainability first when creating our litter box system.

The Problem:

Traditional plastic litter boxes are a non-renewable resource that are too often discarded and sit in our landfills.

Our Solution:

We are working to minimize the amount of plastic in our landfills from traditional litter boxes and are encouraging cat-owners to use our recyclable and biodegradable litter box option.

Kitty Poo Club reinvented the litter box to be more environmentally-friendly for our planet.

Litter Box Ingredients

Our biodegradable and recyclable litter box is more environmentally-friendly than a plastic litter box.

Our Litter Box:

Traditional Litter Box:

Fun Fact!

Our litter box is also designed to ship as itself to decrease the amount of materials used in shipping - saving an entire carton for every single litter box that is shipped!
A single litter box can ship as itself, without any extra packaging.

Larger orders are shipped in a reused (or upcycled) box, which represents about 40% of our shipments.

Less packaging is better for our planet.

Recycling Our Litter Box


Empty the used litter into the trash


Fold your empty litter box down to its original shape


Toss it into the recycling bin

Since our litter boxes are primarily made from paper, and a small amount of plastic, they can be recycled just like a carton can be!

Learn more about how our litter boxes are recycled in the video below:

Can you recycle our litter box in your area? Click here to find out!

Recycling Starts With Us

We recycle about...

of cardboard per month
of plastic per month

We reuse about...

of cardboard per month


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