Our Story

Everyday Problem, Solved

Kitty Poo Club started as an idea to improve something every kitty-lover owns and despises: the litter box. As entrepreneurs, my dad and I like to innovate and create. We want to help people improve their daily lives. We strive to enhance the lives of the people we serve. Since innovations in cat litter boxes seemed non-existent, we started to brainstorm how we could create a litter solution that makes owning a cat easier. Why are cat owners still driving to the store, lugging home heavy bags of litter, scraping, chiseling, and hosing out the litter box? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to have an all-in-one litter solution arrive directly to your doorstep? Then we had our "ah-ha moment". We realized that we could make a product that wouldn't be just a box. It would be an all-in-one litter solution. It was truly our most “out-of-the-box” idea yet! Today, we are helping make tens of thousands of cat owners' lives easier with the Kitty Poo Club! And we are making their furry friends happier, too!

The Solution

Cats can be finicky and sometimes act like tyrants, which is why we built the ultimate litter box solution! Our boxes come with a variety of litter options: fine-grain silica, regular silica, organic soy, and clay. The Kitty Poo Club box is made from 100% recycled content and is completely recyclable. The functionality and impact on the earth were at the top of the list in the design of our product. Since the Kitty Poo Club box arrives right to you, prompt and free shipping are an integral part of what we offer every member, every time.

Our Customer Commitment

Our dedicated team of customer service professionals is quick to respond, eager to help, and committed to making Kitty Poo Club #1 in customer support.