No odor.Less cleaning.

Say goodbye to the litter box as you know it. Kitty Poo Club is the perfect monthly all-in-one litter box solution.

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"I am a veterinarian with two cats in the house and we have struggled for years with the litter box situation. I saw Kitty Poo Club advertised online and decided to give it a shot without much expectation. My kitties and I were instantly fans! The new system is a breeze and solves so many litter box issues! So easy to scoop and clean, no more hauling pounds of litter home, and no more clay litter tracked all over my floor!"

"The litter is so amazing, there is literally NO ammonia smell from the urine at all!"

Timber Johnson, DVM - Portland, OR

"My cats switched without having to mix my old clay litter in. They took to it right away. The odor control is amazing, as far as the urine smell, there is none. Also no clay smell or dust. Very satisfied. Glad to have found your product."

Jessica L. from Middlebury, IN

"So far I LOVE this litter box.  Cleaning it is really easy and the usual smell is completely gone!  No false advertising with this company."

Kelli H. from Dekalb, IL

"I am a believer. Been using Kitty Poo Club since August and will never stop.
The one thing I hate about cats (litter) is no longer an issue."

Candy T. from New Lothrop, MI

"Just got my second delivery! This is a game changer. It took me minutes to clean up the old boxes and put up the new ones. No trying to cover my face from the dust. No big trash bags . I think this was the only litter change I've ever smiled while doing. For as long as I have cats... kitty poo club kits will be in my house. The only thing better then the product is that it doesn't cost anymore then what I spent constantly buying heavy boxes of litter at the store, and it comes right to my door!"

Mary B. from WVa

"I absolutely love the service and the product. I have 3 cats and my house would smell like a cat box. Now, it doesn’t, you can’t smell a thing! My cats like it as well. I have tried so many products that just didn’t work. I am so happy I have finally found something that works as advertised. "

Rene F. from Ranson, WV

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For only $21.49 per box with free FedEx/USPS shipping, you and your kitty can enjoy odor-free luxury all month long!

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