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Happily Back

I love kitty poo! I’ve been using it for quite a few years. We have 4 cats who seem to like it! Shame on me- I tried a litter robot and HATED it!! Happily back to Kitty Poo again!!

– Ruth D.

I Love These Boxes

We used to use litter box liners, but my cats always ripped them up with their claws, which made for a messy litter experience. The box is so much cleaner. Highly recommend!

– Nora H.

Love This Product

I've had multiple cats for over 20 years. This is the best litter I have ever used. Hands down. It's easy to scoop and the odor control is outstanding. – Well worth the price.

– Priscilla F.

Our Obsession: Freshness

We understand that a stink-free home is necessary for you and your feline friends. That's why our litter box and litter is designed to lock in and eliminate odors, ensuring that your home i stink-free for 30 days. With Kitty Poo Club, say goodbye to stink forever!


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