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No More Sprinkles in Your Forecast

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WASH AWAY the stink for good

26,000+ 5-Star Reviews

With Kitty Poo Club, The Stink Goes Away!

The Dinner Party - Kitty Poo Club's newest commercial is here! What can our revolutionary Kitty Poo Club litter box do for one cat? Two cats? 20 cats? 200? Take a look, and find out why Kitty Poo Club is the stink-free solution that your home needs.

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The most convenient monthly litter box ever.

Kitty Poo Club allows people to more fully enjoy their cats by making the worst part of cat ownership so much easier!

How it works

Select number of boxes and a litter type to start
Box and litter is delivered to you with free shipping
Maintain your litter as directed for your specific litter type
Discard the litter & recycle the box when the new box arrives
Customize your subscription at any time with add-ons


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