Woman sitting on a gray couch with her black and white cat. Kitty Poo Club disposable litter box is placed next to the couch.

5 Ways to Calm Your Scaredy Cat this July 4th

Fireworks might light up the sky for us, but for animals, they can turn a fun night into a spooky ordeal. The loud, sudden booms and bright flashes are often terrifying for cats, and increase their anxiety and stress levels. Here are five ways you can turn a night of frights into a night of comfort for your beloved kitty.

A grumpy gray cat standing in an old, pink litter box

1. Set Up a Secluded Sanctuary

Setting up a designated safe space for your cat is essential. This can be a quiet room or a cozy nook where your cat feels secure, and the further from windows and doors, the better. This will help to reduce the sights and sounds that are making them anxious. Make it inviting with familiar items such as their favorite bed, blankets, and toys. You can even add a covered area like a cat cave or a box for them to hide in, which can help them feel more protected from the startling sounds and lights.

A happy orange cat sitting in front of a Kitty Poo Club disposable litter box. A Kitty Poo Club litter scoop is attached to the side of the box.

2. Use Calming Aids 

Items like pheromone diffusers, anxiety shirts, and CBD can be magical for calming nervous kitties. Start using them a few days in advance to help your cat get used to them and avoid any surprises. If these tricks don't do the job, don't fret! A visit to the vet can get your cat some anti-anxiety medication, ensuring both you and your furry friend can relax and enjoy a stress-free time.

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A content, striped cat being examined by a veterinarian.

3. Provide Background Noise

Whether it’s a familiar TV show, white noise, or soothing music, adding background noise into the mix can help drown out upsetting sounds. Believe it or not, there are playlists, YouTube videos, and even smart TV apps made just for cats! Besides dampening the startling firework booms, they may even totally distract your kitty and keep them entertained all night long.

A white and brindle cat standing on top of a sealed Kitty Poo Club shipping box.

4. Keep Them Inside

Did you know more pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of year? In fact, the number of lost pets skyrockets by 30% between July 4th and 6th! Fireworks can startle pets, causing them to dash out the door and get lost while trying to find their way back. So, do everyone a favor and keep those precious pals inside where they’re safe and sound!

Two black cats finding their way around a Kitty Poo Club disposable litter box filled with Corn & Wheat Litter.

5. Stay Cool and Calm

Cats are like little emotional sponges, so it's super important to stay calm. While some cats prefer to hide when they're scared, others want to snuggle up close to their favorite human for comfort. Letting them choose what makes them feel safest can be a big help. It’s natural to want to scoop them up and reassure them, but this can be a bit much for some kitties. Just being there in the house can be comforting enough. If your cat comes to you, remember to speak softly, pet gently, and keep things chill.


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