Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does Kitty Poo Club work?

    It's quite simple! Members get a high-quality pre-filled disposable litter box that will last a solid 30 days. No mess. No odor. Just scoop the poo and stir the litter once a day-- it's as simple as that! Every 30 days you get a replenishment box delivered straight to your door. Could it really get any easier?

  • Why is a box $21.49 per month?

    Rest assured, we can say confidently that we believe this is a fantastic price! Not only do you get our box and premium litter every month, but you get it delivered to your door - with free shipping.

    Litter by itself often costs more than this at the store, and you have to lug that big bag of litter home - and you have to keep your litter box replenished regularly. Kitty Poo Club has eliminiated those issues and many more - including ridding your home of nasty urine smell when our litter and box are used. We feel our box is an excellent deal - give us a try!

  • When do new boxes arrive?

    Your membership includes a new box every month. New boxes will ship on the monthly renewal date, or on the next business day if the renewal date falls on a weekend or holiday. When a new box ships, you will receive an email with tracking information. After the new box arrives, simply discard the old one and the litter inside of it.

  • Is there a fee to join?

    Nope! There is no fee to join the club. You will have the pleasure of not only knowing your home is odor-free but that you likely gained back an extra hour of your time by not having to lug litter home from the store and chisel out a smelly box!

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    While we hate to see you go, you can cancel your membership if needed. Simply sign into your account at Next, click on "Manage Membership". Under "Subscription Orders", click the "Cancel" link next within the subscription you want to cancel and fill out the reason for cancellation.

    If you ever want to reinstate your membership, you can easily do this via your account, or we can do this for you. If you are truly not satisfied refunds can be offered but only for one box, and only within the first two weeks of use.

  • Can I order just a single box or order one just to try it out?

    We're sorry, at this time we don't offer single box purchases. We recommend you give us a try and join the club! It's super easy to start your membership, and if for any reason you need to cancel, that’s easy too.

  • How do I skip a delivery or pause my membership?

    While our memberships are designed to continue, they cannot be indefinitely paused, but you can easily skip as many upcoming shipments as you'd like. To do this, sign into your account at Next, click on "Delivery Schedule".  From this page you can skip (or unskip) any upcoming shipments as needed.

  • Can I update my address or credit card info?

    You sure can! Choose Sign in on the Homepage. Once you are signed in, choose Manage Membership. You will see the option to update billing information.

The Box

  • How do I use the Kitty Poo Club Box?

    Assembling the box is quite simple and involves a few quick steps.

    1. Remove lid.
    2. Pop up the sidewalls of the box.
    3. Place lid under the box for safekeeping.
    4. Clip the enclosed custom strips onto the top of each sidewall.
    5. Using the perforation on the litter, gently open the bag and turn over into the soak-proof bottom tray in the box. Dispose of the empty bag.

    Do the following steps daily...

    • Each day, remove poo clumps and stir the litter to help the evaporation process.
    • You do not need to remove urine clumps. There will not be any urine clumps to remove. The liquid will evaporate and the litter’s micro-pores will trap urine odor! The litter always remain dry and will not feel wet to you or your cat.

    Disposing and replacing the box...

    • After 30 days use (with one cat), dispose of the used box and a new one will arrive via USPS.
    • For neat and easy disposal, remove the strips from the sidewalls and fold in the sidewalls. Remove the lid from under the box and place it back on top. Dispose.
  • How do I help my cat adjust to the new litter and box?

    Most cats love the natural feel of our smooth, mineral-based litter. However, some cats are finicky and less open to change. This is not unusual and easy to overcome. Your first month may not be as maintenance-free as you would like but there are some things you can do to help your cat adjust.

    After you receive the first shipment, you may need to incorporate some of your old litter into your new litter box. Start by pouring half of the Kitty Poo Club litter bag into the new Kitty Poo Club box. Next, add an inch of your existing litter on top of the Kitty Poo Club litter. Your cat will naturally stir the litters together just by being in the box. As your cat adjusts, you should be able to gradually use only Kitty Poo Club litter.

    NOTE: If your previous litter is clumping, you will need to scoop out litter after your cat uses it. Kitty Poo Club litter is specially designed to never need changing or replenishing, but while mixed with another litter, you will likely need to follow maintenance directions for the other litter until it’s not being used anymore.

  • How big is the box and will my cat fit in it?

    Our box is 19 inches long, 15 inches wide and had 10 inch sidewalls. It’s the perfect size to be roomy for your cat while maximizing space in your home. Large cats will find there to be plenty of space to do their business. The high side walls provide privacy for your cat and keep what should be in the box - in the box!

  • I bought a dome - how do I assemble it?

    We've put together a quick instructional video to show you how to assemble our dome. Take a look!

The Litter

  • Is Kitty Poo Club litter safe for my cat?

    Our litter is 100% natural, mineral-based silica - non-toxic and free of scents, dyes, chemicals and dust.  It's a cleaner & healthier option for your cat and home.

  • How does the litter work?

    You may not know this but your cat’s urine is comprised of 95% water and 5% of things that make your cat’s urine stink. Our litter is designed to trap the 5% odor inside while the water simply evaporates.

    Kitty Poo Club's litter is made from a highly absorbent mineral which is a naturally occurring element in the earth. With hundreds of thousands of highly absorbent pores in each box, your cat can continue to urinate in the litter all month long. The urine's odor becomes trapped in the micropores and the moisture evaporates. As a result, Kitty Poo Club's litter doesn't need to clump because you do not need to throw out the urine. All you need to do for an odor-free home is scoop out the poo once daily and stir the litter to help evaporation occur. This saves you time by significantly reducing the maintenance associated with your litter box.


  • Will the litter box really last a whole month?

    Yes the box will last an entire month for a single cat. You will not add any litter over the month. When the box arrives you pour the entire bag into the box. Simply stir the litter regularly (approximately once a day) and remove the poo. The daily stirring of the litter allows the water in the urine to evaporate.

  • What do I do with the box at the end of the month?

    Simply close the box down to the original shipping position. Place the box topper over the box and dispose. The corrugated box is biodegradable and the plastic rails are recyclable.